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Victoria Brick Driveway and Patio Specialist Launches Victory Garden

The world is constantly changing around us and we here at Capability Brown are certainly not immune to the effects of this. Just this year alone our team has grown to include

full time employees and new equipment purchases solidly building up the foundation of the compan

y in the same way we would build up a brick driveway or a garden wall.

A few things triggered the template for Capability Brown Landscaping's "Victory Garden" ~A suburban solution for sustainable produce.~ We had our original shop location on a property that afforded us the luxury of growing a magnificent and thriving garden year after year learning the complimentary plant arrangements and optimal spacings for high yield growth. During a season that had record flooding in the lower mainland fresh local produce became a very delightful treat during times of need. The moving of our office also required one of two things to happen. We abandon the garden at the old shop or we transplant the old garden at the new location. We definitely did not abandon this beauty!

A beautiful and bountiful selection of vegetables now reside where a brown barren lawn once lay.
Affordable and amazing Victory Gardens

There were some concerns about transferring a large amount of plants in the spring to late spring season and although there were a few casualties along the way the overall transfer went well and the season has proven to be one of absolute abundance and good fortune. It is mostly pest free an

d yielding amazing harvests of tomatoes, beans and cucumbers. All of these are used on a regular basis throughout the summer incorporated with our daily meals as well as being preserved for later use in the winter. Stay tuned for tips and tricks on maximizing the use of your own grown food in and out of season!

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